Are You a Coach?

Are you, as a personal trainer, tired of working for a corporate facility?

Do you want to be your own boss? Train who you want, when you want?

Have you finally built up a strong clientele, but are frustrated that you have reached the ceiling to your earnings at a corporate gym?

Are you a new personal trainer who wants to build your clientele at a facility where the earning potential is endless?

Do you train people out of their homes or mobile train with minimal equipment?

If so, Domination Fitness is the right fit for you. Domination Fitness is unlike any fitness club in Oregon. You will:

  • Be self-employed; set your own hours and your own pay structure.
  • Train clients on the best, most biomechanically sound equipment in the world.
  • Wait for equipment no longer (no member base).

Domination Fitness allows you to be self-employed. Your training schedule is now completely up to you. Training full-time, your earning potential is endless. Or, maybe you have another full-time job but love the industry and want to train on the side. At Domination Fitness you have the ability to make this work for you.

Domination Fitness is the first gym in Oregon to utilize Atlantis Equipment. There is nothing like it in this state. Each piece was hand-selected for superior quality, durability, comfort, and because it is the most biomechanically efficient equipment available. Most private gyms feature old, outdated, limited equipment that doesn’t attract the serious trainer who wants to give his/her clients the training session they need. This alone turns most trainers to the corporate side. Domination Fitness has the absolute best equipment in a private fitness club in Oregon. You as the trainer will find both your needs and the needs of your clients are optimally met.

Domination Fitness will not charge your clients a membership fee, nor will you have to fight a membership base in order to compete for the use of the exercise equipment. This gym is exclusively for you and your clients.

Domination Fitness is interested in you. If you are interested in Domination Fitness and would like more information, please email Dom to discuss the exciting opportunities for you and your clients.

Dominic Costa