Make the Change


Domination Fitness was formed for the purpose of providing a training facility that not only meets, but exceeds each and every coach’s needs and expectations. So, whether one is a new coach just getting started, one trains as a part time job or on the side, or one is seasoned and has made coaching a career….Domination Fitness is the perfect fit for every level of coaching.


With the mission in mind, there are two basic principles that will attract the coach. First, that the coaches be self- employed, and second, that the facility house the very best equipment available for a coach to maximize a client’s training session.

Independent Contractor

At the major corporate gyms the vast majority employ their own trainers. Short term, this may benefit the new coach due to the ease of access to clients, but long term the earning potential quickly reaches a maximum. As a result the seasoned coach begins to look elsewhere, most often resulting in leaving the fitness industry all together. At Domination Fitness all coaches will be independent contractors. This will allow the coach more financial freedom to set their own rates and set their own schedules to what works best for them.

“The Best” Equipment

Domination Fitness vows to provide the very best equipment in the fitness industry today. Each piece in the facility was hand selected because it is the most biomechanically sound and ergonomically efficient strength equipment in existence today. One will not find this equipment in the private studios. Here, one will only find the highest quality – if it’s not the best, it won’t be found in Domination Fitness. Working with the coaches in Domination Fitness, it is a priority that equipment needs will be met and clients will see the results they deserve.

Make the Change

After visiting Domination Fitness one will never want to train anywhere else. It’s the perfect home for you! Make the change….TODAY!

If you are interested in seeing if this is a good fit for you and your business, please feel free to get in touch with Dominic with his information provided below.

Dominic Costa